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About Microbe Research LLC and this website

Microbe Research is a Michigan-registered LLC and research laboratory located near Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan. The goal of the lab is to investigate questions of a basic nature in the field of microbiology and publish the findings. Most projects will involve bacteria that have a history of use in industrial fermentations. Some of these have not been well studied outside of their industrial context, leaving certain questions of general interest open for investigation. A secondary goal is to make this website interesting and useful by publishing items of historical interest or technical utility.

My name is Steve Stoddard.

Please direct inquires to info@microberesearch.com

Short Bio and Publications

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The image in the upper right corner of these web pages is a transmission electron micrograph of bacteriophage TMS-P25 particles after negative staining with 1% uranyl acetate. The phage was isolated in the lab of Thomas M. Schmidt (University of Michigan) and propagated in agar overlays seeded with Clostridium beijerinckii strain NCIMB 8052 as the host. The capsid diameter is about 60 nanometers. The image is displayed with Dr. Schmidt's permission.


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